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How much does Web Hosting cost?

Even though web hosting may sound complicated and you may think it’s going to be expensive, it really isn’t. Many small websites and blogs can get good hosting for a few dollars a month – the cost of one Starbucks latte!

What about FREE Blog Hosting Services?

You remember the old adage – “You get what you pay for.” Well, it’s generally true when talking about free blogging services. There are 2 major drawbacks to using these free services. First, you will be forced into using a long sub-domain such as newyorkpoliticalblogger2012.blogspot.comNot exactly memorable is it?

But what’s even more troubling with free blogging services is that you don’t have control over them. They are free after all, and as such they don’t afford you as many options, nor do you really have control over your website’s content. Plus, if you want to move your blog to your own domain in a couple years, you’re going to have nothing but problems. Furthermore, free hosting services shut down all the time – you could possibly lose your entire site with little notice. One recent example of this is when arguably one of the biggest and most popular free hosting services of all time, Geo-cities, shut down a couple years ago. Geo-cities was said to host over a million sites – that suddenly vanished when they pulled the plug.

Which Web Host do you recommend?

We’ve used many different web hosts over the years. It’s a tough job for even web developers like us to choose a good web host. If you’re not overly web savvy, trying to identify a good web hosting company is all but impossible.

In making this website we’ve searched through many hosting providers – looking for a good host that met all the criteria for those who want to host a blog, a personal website, or even a small business website. Our top choice?

DreamiFly Hostas our top choice for several reasons:

  • Very Affordable– For only a few dollars a month, you can rest-assured your site is hosted with a top-notch web hosting company.
  • 1-Click WordPress Setup– WordPress is arguably the most widely used website platform on the Internet. It’s an extremely easy to use system for publishing blogs and small websites (more to come about WordPress in our next section, ‘Step 3: Web Design (Soon).
  • – one of the first web hosting companies 100% renewable energy sources to run their offices and data centers (wind energy).
  • Feature Rich– provides an extensive set of features. Some of the main features include:
    • Compatible Plans for your Needful.
    • Fast Browsing
    • FREE Domain Name
    • Free Setup
    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • The Most of Accepted Payment Gateway which is not available in All Web Hosting Provider” Skrill, Paypal, Payza, Egopay, OKPay, Credit Card Invoicing, Neteller.


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